Cælum Press is an imprint of Writers.com Books which began in 2003. Our goal is to publish books that appeal to those who seek, those who are looking beyond the mundane.

Cælum is a Latin word meaning both "sky, heaven" and "tool with a sharp beveled point, used in engraving or carving stone."

Messages From Michael

Cælum Press's first publication was the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Messages From Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Years ago, Yarbro and her friends began sharing messages from a group entity that called themselves "Michael". Michael's words were offered without alteration or interpretation for seekers, students, and skeptics alike. Pragmatic, insightful, and often witty, Michael insisted their work was simply to help questioners become more aware and better able to make their own decisions in life. Through this initial volume, Messages From Michael, and three more that followed, Michael spoke to thousands who found new understandings of themselves. Unfortunately imitators and frauds have since exploited the Michael teachings -- but even they admit that Messages From Michael was the first source of the teachings.

This new edition is expanded for the twenty-first century with new, never-published messages from Michael and a new introduction by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

Messages From Michael
244 pages, 6" X 9" trim
$29.95 Hardcover ISBN: 0-9742907-2-6

More Messages From Michael

After Messages from Michael was first published, there was a demand for more information. The second book, More Messages from Michael was published soon after. In More Messages from Michael, Mid-Causal entity Michael delves more deeply into life choices, reincarnation, the working of the soul's evolution, and the nature of living, Michael answers many questions ranging from the most mundane to the highly esoteric.

Cælum Press is proud to publish the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of More Messages From Michael. As with Messages, this edition has been updated and includes never-published information.

Michael's teaching, which remains consistent to this day, is both practical and unearthly, delivered with dry wit and idiosyncratic English, filled with insights, information, and a unique perspective that has kept people coming back for more for over three decades.

Just keep in mind Michael's admonitions: Belief is not required, All is chosen, and All choices are equally valid, and you may find that Michael's teaching has a message for you.

More Messages From Michael
278 pages, 6" X 9" trim
$29.95 Hardcover ISBN: 9780976654452
$15.95 Trade Paperback ISBN: 9780976654445

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